a brief introduction to our community.

Create Church is a community of Jesus followers who are committed to seeing an authentic expression of the body of Christ in the heart of Midtown, Kansas City. Our greatest desire and guiding passion is to be a spiritual family in genuine community with one another, walking in the fullness of God’s purpose for the Church. What does it mean to truly follow Jesus? What is God doing in this generation? How do we grow into spiritual maturity and see the dreams God has put in our hearts come to pass? How do we navigate the age we live in and actually answer the questions that people are asking? How do we shake off the dogma that hinders for the truth that gives life?

We believe that spiritual life is an outworking of these types of questions and the tensions woven into our lives that define our quest and struggles. Our desire as a spiritual family is to lay down our lives for one another to see these questions answered in the glorious light of God’s redemptive purposes. We are striving to be people who are WHOLE and a community who carry the presence of God into every arena of life. 

Thank you for taking the time to look around our site. We would love to have you join us on a Sunday morning. Please feel free to contact us with any questions about the church. 


our values.

Extraordinary Faith – We look for God in everything we do. Our faith is expressed in our families, our jobs, our careers and our places of influence. We expect to see the supernatural work of God in every aspect of our lives. We live believing that God is big enough to answer the questions that culture is asking. We live believing that God can impact culture through us.

Unshakable Hope – We look at the world with hope. We are anchored in the character and the nature of God and that determines how we see everything – our past, our present and our future.  Our unshakable hope comes from knowing an unshakable God that is for us. 

Extravagant Love – We demonstrate the kingdom of God by radical acts of love. Our love shows that we are family first. We live preferring others before ourselves. We are radically generous, we are extra mile people, we are walking demonstrations of the love of Jesus in the world. When people see us, we want them to see what God looks like. 


how do we live that out?

ENCOUNTER JESUS – through His presence in worship, in His word through relevant and engaging teaching, through His power demonstrated through the lives of people in the church community.

GET EQUIPPED –through foundational equipping in identity and wholeness, through practical tools in prayer and spiritual living, through teaching and coaching that focuses on equipping for the marketplace and beyond, and through discovering deep truths expressed in simple ways that bring about transformation.

ENGAGE CULTURE – by demonstrating excellence in the marketplace, by expecting God to work in supernatural ways, by living as a demonstration of the kingdom of God in the earth, by intentionally engaging our culture with truth and hope.


not a movement

This is not about a movement – we are not trying to get you to sign up for any other mission than the mission God has called you to – your family, your career and you place of influence. This family believes in what you do. Your job, your business, your career is the point of the spear that impacts culture.

not a program

This is not about another program to attend – we care more about what happens when you leave a gathering than what happens when you are there. We want every gathering to be a time of passionate encounter with Jesus that equips you to live out your life of faith, hope and love.

this is family before function

This is a family that we are invited to become together. Transformation happens when you are invited to “SEE” and “DO” in the safety of a family relationship. Discipleship happens when we realize Jesus didn’t ask us to build a church, he asked us to make disciples – Jesus will build the church. We believe that before we have a function, we are a family – family always comes before function.


Sunday Gathering
Our Sunday gathering is our community's weekly touch point. They take place Sundays at 10:00 AM in our building at 3101 Gillham Plaza in the heart of Kansas City. Our gatherings are a casual, missional environment structured to foster existing spiritual growth among believers as well as be a safe place for seekers to come together and hear about Jesus. The core elements you will experience are: dynamic worship, scriptural teaching and authentic community cultivated through personal connection and prayer.

Kingdom Kids
We have a strong passion to partner with families to offer a safe, loving environment for children to have fun while developing a relationship with God, discovering their own God-given uniqueness and spreading God's love. We believe in our children and place their spiritual, intellectual, and emotional development at the center of all that we do. This is accomplished through a lot of love, time, individual attention and Goldfish crackers. 


We believe Jesus is worthy of the highest expressions of worship and praise and we strive to not only create a worshipful environment, but also an environment of creative excellence. We are blessed to have some Kansas City's finest musicians and our desire is to cultivate a place of creativity that both blesses Jesus and inspires our own hearts to give Jesus our best.

Marketplace Influence

We believe that the front line of ministry is not the pulpit or the church stage. We believe the marketplace is where all believers are called to become the hands and feet of Jesus. Our passion is to see every believer understand who they are and find their unique calling in God. God is not just the God of the church - He is the God of all of life.



so, what do you think?

We invite you to come join us on Sunday Mornings to see what it is all about. Every week we are growing together and looking to the Holy Spirit to guide us as a community. We would love for you to join us in the journey...

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Create Church | A Vineyard Church in the heart of Midtown Kansas City