Bridgeport Church Service Info for Sunday

We have had some busy days meeting with contractors and insurance adjusters, and it looks like the entire roof will need to be replaced so it is safe and drains properly.  Please pray for grace and favor with our insurance company and that the construction can be completed quickly.  To stay updated on the roof collapse, visit

Thankfully, we have been able to secure a meeting space for our community starting this Sunday (praise God).  For the immediate future, Bridgeport Church will meet Sundays at 5 pm at:



City Life Church
4001 Wyoming
Kansas City, MO 64111


We will be shortening the service to end promptly at 6:30. There is parking at the church and on the street.  This Sunday will be a powerful church service not just to worship the Lord but also to rally as a church body and pray into what the Lord has for us.

Lastly, our monthly giving is down significantly, largely due to not meeting last Sunday. We have bills we need to pay at the end of each month and currently we do not have sufficient funds to pay them.  If you miss a church service, please remember that online giving is available and we are still at the building daily to receive checks via mail.  We have faith that the Lord will provide for our needs practically and spiritually in this season.

Thank you for all your prayers and support. We can sense the prayers of the saints sustaining us! 

Bridgeport Staff 
Sam, Nicole, Christie, Hurley, Arin