Create Church Leadership

Ben Woodward - Lead Servant and Leadership Team Director.


New Zealand born and Australian bred, Ben is a gifted teacher, author, singer, songwriter and pastor. He has a passion for worship, creativity, discipleship and championing marketplace believers in their call to bring Jesus into every arena of life. He believes that the most powerful force on the earth is a person who is whole, in love with Jesus and operating in the will of God for their life and loves to see people find their place in God's story. 

KC is the better looking half of the Woodward's and probably the more important one! She passionately loves people and serves Create Church in many different roles. Her heart is to see people encouraged and made whole in their identity in God. 


Grace Davis - Kingdom Kids Director

Grace is a mother to 3 children, wife to Eric and serves Create Church as our Children's Director and all around hero. She is able to take the chaos that takes place each week when dozens of children show up and make something beautiful out of it.

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Adam Sniegowski - Worship Band Director and A/V coordinator.

Adam is a veteran of the music industry and, as a guitarist, has played with music groups all over the world. He is currently a session guitarist, music producer, songwriter and serves as our band director at Create Church.

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David Forlu - Worship Leader


David is a true David - a singer after the heart of the king. He currently lives in Kansas City and serves at the International House of Prayer as a worship leader while also leading at Bridgeport Church on Sunday mornings.


Kris Edler - CEO, El Torreon KC

Kris is the CEO of El Torreon KC, a business incubator, events space and mentoring hub that operates in the building that Create Church calls home each week. Kris has a passion to develop young people in the marketplace and has an extensive background in education and leadership development. For more information about El Torreon KC, check out the website -