Welcome to the Kingdom Kids' team!  We are so excited to have you partner with us to bring the love of God, the Word of God, the Spirit of God and the ultimate glory of God to the future of our church body, our children.  Whether you are volunteering out of a passion for children's ministry or a desire to serve in your church, God will guide you in your walk as a spiritual leader to these kids and bless you for the time and energy you put into children's ministry. 

Our heart is to bring an understanding of the Lord to our children so they can develop a personal relationship with Him that will guide them the rest of their lives.  How amazing is it that you can be a part of their spiritual journey?  Each one of us has been impacted by someone God placed in our lives, and now you have the privilege of being a positive influence.  What an amazing position to be in, where playing with kids, being their friend and listening to them can change the rest of their lives!  I hope you are inspired to share your heart and the spiritual gifts you've been given to bless the lives of our kids.  Be prepared to be blessed in return—and have some fun!

Remember Jesus said, “Anyone who welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me. And anyone who welcomes me doesn’t welcome only me but also the One who sent me.” Mark 9:37 (NIRV).

Our children come to us every Sunday ready and willing. They are eager to hear what you have to say and want to love you. We have such a short time to show them God's love.  How can it be any easier or rewarding?

Each of us have it in us to be great teachers…

"The mediocre teacher tells.  The good teacher explains.  The superior teacher demonstrates.  The great teacher inspires."  William Arthur Ward

Background Checks

All volunteers in Kingdom Kids must fill out this background check form and submit it to the children's ministry coordinator before they teach.  Thank you for helping keep our children safe!

Teacher Training

All teachers must attend a Kingdom Kids training session, so please contact the coordinator at kingdomkids@bridgeportchurch.org to see when the next session is available.